A Brief Reviews of Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch

Who is Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one of the best companies in the industry from the views of a regular customer. Today we are going to talk about this from the opinion of a client and not an industry analyst. Although it will be there a bit because one cannot ignore his hobby of being an analyst. Xiaomi comes with a slow and steady form because slow and stable wins the race. It finally reveal the Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Watch

Starting up with what the company is value for and what perfections till now have the company be doing. Flag off with the Smartphone industry, Xiaomi is known to be Apple of China. Which is more than a tag, and Xiaomi has been proving the statement to be right. Unlike different companies who tried to move ahead in one go, and impress their customer with the support and speed and end up being bankrupt.

We can although say, and no one is going to deny about its devices being inspire from the industry Apple. Every device from Xiaomi have one or the other factor from iPhone, and in the case of Notebook, it had similarities from the MacBook. Although this is not a wrong thing because designs are limited even for smartphones, their accessories and other things. Because everyone needs a classy design which one can bear with for around a year. Hence we cannot blame them for the similarities that we get in the devices.

Xiaomi Amazfit

Even the accessories part of Xiaomi is doing great, and now in the accessoriestoo. Xiaomi gets a new addition the Xiaomi Amazfit, which is a fitness watch too. Now let us move our motive to the primary objective of the article, which is Xiaomi’s new smartwatch the Amazfit.

At the launch of the Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Watch, people had many expectations from the company. Because we have been looking at the products from Xiaomi which are good and come with a great price tag. Although the company gives affordable products as other companies from China do. But we now the company providing a durable and an excellent fit and complete product which is made to last long.

The Smartwatch had every capability to be a great smartwatch and a great seller like hot cakes.  However, the problem is to end in menu with Chinese language, and till the time we got an update with English variant people lost their interest in the watch. Let us have a bit of look at the Amazfit from Xiaomi in detail:


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The Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Watch comes with the best design scheme that a watch can go with it’s with the round dial. The dial is just like a real beefy watch of 43mm diameter. The watch comes with a round display too, and the display hasgood 34mm diameter area coverage and comes with a resolution of 320px × 300px. Another great thing that the watch owns is its weight because no one will like to carry a 300-gram watch onto his hand and make up muscles just on a single side. The watch weighs just 54 grams which are quite good and is just around 1.25cm thick.

Like every other smartwatch which was launched till last year, this one also comes with a proprietary pin system and a base plate which is connect via a USB cable. The strap comes interchangeable which you can either get from some local stores if you need something of your choice. But Xiaomi does give an excellent choice with two original bands being available at Amazon.


The smartwatch houses an optical pulse sensor and the battery life on the watch is quite amazing of above four days. If you wear a watch, then you must have noticed the most irritating part when the battery of the watch drain. Then you have to rush to the store. Although here you get a charger you cannot every two days charge some devices. Hence the battery life comes to be quite good.

The screen on the Amazfit comes with only two modes when powered on. One being a full brightness mode and other being a dim mode. Hence the display is not going to sleep anyway. You can either use the button to switch on screen or turn on the two finger tap to turn the display of the smartwatch on.

Specifications: Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Watch

The Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Watch watch comes with a 1.2GHz of dual core processor. That capable enough to do the job like tracking the steps and monitor heart rate, and show the time. There is also a 512 MB of RAM for the scaled down android. You can store your music on the watch itself which have 2 GB of free storage out of a good 4 GB storage we get.

Talking about the internal sensors which the watch get are:

  • Compass
  • Internal Accelerometer
  • Optical heart rate sensor

There are two different ways to connect the watch with your smartphone; they are Bluetooth 4.0 LFP and regular Wi-Fi connection. The watch is having IP 67 rating for protection from water and dust. That means you can swim and go out in the rain. But you cannot go on a scuba diving with this watch.

Pricing and More about different versions of the watch

Currently, you can grab an Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Watch in just three different color options which will be black or Red & orange belt. Both the colors come at the same price tag, the Chinese version of the Amazfit is being offer at just 106 Euro while the English version or what we call as Amazfit is selling for a 2 Euro increase at 108 Euro. Which is also a great price of its value. You can grab the smartwatch from the Chinese websites or

A recent update made the watch much better to function. We can now change miles to kilometers, which is handy for many people. Let’s now have a look at some Advantages and Disadvantages which one can have with the smartwatch.

Starting with the disadvantages of the watch one can easily decide if he can bear with these in his daily usage or not.


The Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Watch comes with English or Chinese only, but if people from Spain need to get one, he will need to flash a Spanish version of the firmware. As there are plenty of tutorials over the net on YouTube and other websites for this task. The smartwatch from Xiaomi is the first try hence it doesn’t come with android, but not which is mean for these watches. It does not have any app store and hence we cannot install apps on the watch.

The Watch doesn’t come with functions such as laps, intervals and other simple clock functions, which can help us in Gym. We also have to keep in mind although Xiaomi might operate in our country they will not entertain warranty. Because the product does not sell from an official source to our countries of origin.

Now let us move to some points on why we must go with the Smartwatch and run with it ahead.

Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Watch
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The first benefit of the smartwatch is the cheap price tag that the watch comes with. We have many different functions such as the clock, gps etc. Then comes the pulse meter, GPS, mobile notifications, music playback and many other. The clock can go up to 36 Hrs of life on the GPS mode on, which is also quite excellent.


Xiaomi is doing a great job in the smartphone industry with different smartphones every month. Although the majority of the smartphones are lead by China, just for the fans that are in China. India and other countries rarely get the top of the line devices such as the Mi Note series. While even we do not get some great budget phones in the Redmi series due to the disputes of Xiaomi with Ericson.

Xiaomi is not only the best player in the smartphone market but also in other industry where they are keeping their pegs in. Xiaomi did a great job in the laptop segment with the Mi Notebook. Although the notebook is not available officially in India and other countries. Still, people are buying the Notebook from Xiaomi at a higher price as they are also going to get custom duties. Hence, overall the laptop is so good that people are ready to pay a premium for the same.

Are you looking to go ahead with the watch, if yes then it is a must go for the price tag it is being offer? The Smartwatch is quite high and does offer a good set of functionality. But we can also wait for another update from Xiaomi because that is going to be far better from this one. The next smartwatch from Xiaomi can be a bit more costly. However, it can easily make you to buy it and you will not even mind spending a few bucks for the upgrade.

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