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The Worst Web Host: HostGator Sucks

The process of providing online systems for storing information, images, videos, or any other content accessible via Internet to all the web users, is called as web hosting. Companies that provide space on a server to their clients along with providing the Internet connectivity are known as web hosts. Data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers is provided by the web hosts. The domain is the address that points to a website. A website is a collection of pages that should be hosted (saved) somewhere over the internet so that the people can access them. To avail this service for free, servers are used. You just have to design the pages and then make sure that the domain points to the 1st or home page you created to start hosting your website. In this article we discuss about recent trends of hosting on HostGator Sucks.

What is web-hosting?

Let’s suppose you want to take some pictures and then you want to save them to your computer for future preview. To do so, you will transfer all your pictures from your camera to your computer. The computer has a hard-disk which will store all these pictures.

Similarly, a web host is another computer (could be yours, too, but you do not really want to do that) on which you store your files, and then broadcast it to the whole world. That’s what a web host is. Web-hosting simply means the act of hosting someone’s files so that anyone across the world can access them.

The scope of hosting services varies widely. This service is provided free of cost by many Internet service providers (ISPs) to their subscribers. But mostly you need to pay the web hosts to publish your work to the world. There are many web hosting service providers available in the market; you can choose any one of them after comparing their prices and services. Personal web-hosting is mostly free, sponsored by advertisements and remains inexpensive. Business and commercial web site hosting often has a higher expense. 

Various Web-Hosting providers

There are many web hosts competing with each other to create a better clientele. It’s quite difficult to find a reliable web host. Finding a reliable web host is quite important for entrepreneurs and business owners whose uptime can make or break their business. A reliable web host plays an important role in increasing your sales. The market is flooded with web hosting companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and HostGator. One has to be very careful while choosing a web host. It is advisable to compare and cross-check the services and features by the host company.

For instance, lately, HostGator has earned a negative review globally. The clients have complained that the services of HostGator Hosting.

What the reason behind HostGator Sucks

Check out the best and the worst companies working as web hosts which would help you take a decision or compare HostGator to other companies. We know that finding the right web host is such an important task to promote your work, products, and services. Here are ten ways to tell that the services of HostGator sucks:

  • Their support staff thinks a Class C IP is a type of driver’s license.
  • You might be having the Super Cache installed on your WordPress blog, but still their shared servers will crash when one of your posts will hit the Digg homepage.
  • When you contact their support staff, you are greeted by “Thank you, kind Sir, how may I help you, kind Sir?”
  • You have to prepay for 100 years, as well as sell your soul, to get their advertised price.
  • Trying to complete the sign-up form is like walking through a minefield.
  • They delete your blog due to an error in their billing system.
  • Hostagator cancel your hosting account without telling you and without any reason. They will not support you even if you call and tell them that you hadn’t cancelled the account.
  • Their staff doesn’t know what private name servers are and why they are used.
  • Hostgator servers crash more than a drunk driver on New Year’s Eve.
  • Their support staff doesn’t give a damn about weekly backups.

Hostgator is the worst choice for your companies web hosting. The truth is Hostgator sucks!  You can check it for yourself. Actually, read the complaints filed with the BBB. Remember that when a consumer actually files a complaint, it means he/she is highly pissed with the company or its services or product.

Out of 251 complaints, they resolved only 90. That means the consumers are really not satisfied with their services and responses. Even the given A rating is fake. Don’t believe the rating given by BBB to any company. The BBB lost integrity many years ago as has HostGator.

Reviews for HostGator

An author-reviewer shared his experience about Hostgator stating “poor service, poor delivery, the problem with payments, bad quality” and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $1000.

Customers are overall dissatisfied with Hostgator. The most disappointing fact about Hostgator website hosting is their customer service. Reviewers want customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP to get a solution to their problems. They want an instant solution to their complaints. But they never or rarely get that.

After going through the reviews of Hostgator it is evident that their clients are unhappy and dissatisfied. All in all, services of HOSTGATOR SUCKS!!! Don’t go for it. Do some research, before you get burnt by this company. While you are doing that research watch-out for all the fake marketing from affiliates that get paid to promote them.

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