SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD Review

SanDisk is a brand which is not popular with external storage devices but with the release of the latest Portable SSD SanDisk has produced something amazing and worth noticing for the public. Previously SanDisk has only released products like the thumb drives which are sold in bulk and by releasing this company has taken a big gamble as this product is quite expensive and is mostly for professional use. SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD has been the most talked about launch of SanDisk in the recent times.

It is very portable and is equipped with very high speed and performance. The most important feature is that the private files can be encrypted by the SanDisk Secure Access software. Moreover the product is highly durable and is water resistant. The product is a complete package as tests have proven its versatility and speed. The most exciting feature is their lightness and up to around 480 GB of data can be in your palms. It also has a USB 3.0 interface.

SanDisk Extreme 510 Features

SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD


Performance is something which is most talked about when it comes to hard drives. The performance was found to be extremely satisfactory when it was compared with some its competitors. The transfer of files by using its 3.0 interface is extremely fast and meets your expectations in this segment. The SSD is specially designed for storing lump data and its durability and water resistant features just make it a perfect choice for use in photo shoots and trekking adventures. Most important feature is that they replicate the thumb drives with a diamond like shape but at the same they can store up to 480 GB which is quite remarkable.

Cost and Warranty

When it comes to cost the SSD’s are expensive as compared to traditional one’s but still they are quite popular. Amazon India charges also an extra import fees for the product along with the delivery charges. The price comes around USD 178 including the import charges. Moreover Amazon provide 3 years of warranty on this product. With this price category the product attracts the customers who deal with bulk data. So with this price range there’s a lot of expectations from the customers as they expect it to be faster and reliable when compared with other external storage devices.

Positive Features

SanDisk Extreme 510

SanDisk Extreme 510 has received good market reviews and your personal tests results have been quite remarkable. This external storage drive can run with power from the USB port so there is no requirement of external power supply. To your utter surprise this portable device has no heating issue even if it was used for a long time for transferring files and data. The device is an all terrain device as it can withstand dust, rains and splashes which are common in adventures. The water proofing and dust resistant feature is a positive one and the device has cushions which protect it from damage. The file transfer rates are quite high. Be it copying or transferring of files the tested speeds are very high when compared with its rivals. The lump data storage feature is unique as it can store a massive 480 GB of data.

Moreover SanDisk Extreme 510, provides privacy and encryption facilities for files which can be important for the users. But this feature goes in advanced features and these advanced features can be accessed by installing the software which SanDisk provides in the disk for the PC and MAC users. The look is very attractive with the diamond shape giving it a more functional look. The device comes with shock resistant feature which is unique in this kind of Solid State Drives (SSD). Moreover its software is very easy to use. It stores a bulk memory in a single chip which is the most unique feature of chip memory.

Demerit Points

The SanDisk Extreme 510 is an overall package but all these features come at a very high cost. Moreover the Indian public has to pay an added import charge which can be very difficult and can work on the negative side for the device. Moreover Amazon India which is the largest selling online retailer in India doesn’t provide warranty on this product. But the review says that its worth spending those extra cents on this product as it provides some mind boggling features which are very hard to find in a single portable device.

Another demerit can be SanDisk offers only one capacity of SSD which can be really a negative point. Some people may not require such high amount of data capacity but might want to get the features at a lower price range. The price has gone up as compared to its previous model which may be a cause of concern. Moreover customers always require warranty when they spend such high amounts. So warranty must be added with the product which will help in increasing the consumer base.

The performance is very nice and the testing results show that the product is right up there with its competitors. It is worth spending such high amount but SanDisk should try and launch some new varieties with a variety of data capacity as it will attract a lot of audience as the price will also come down when the data capacity reduces. SanDisk has gone a bit one dimensional but there are some features which just cannot be ignored. Overall review is that it is worth spending extra cents for this product.

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