Salt Gun: A Self-Defence Weapon That Shoots Pepper Spray Capsules

Salt Gun is a new defence weapon available in the market. This can be used mainly for defending oneself and protect families and homes. This is a traditional firearm that uses salt and provides security to everyone.  There are various features of the gun to make it an effective device for self-defence. It has been engineered to stop the criminal without causing a lethal threat to any person.

What is it?

The Salt gun has salt rounds that are filled with non-lethal powdered tear gas and pepper spray that can break upon contact. The pepper after shot immediately causes difficulty in breathing, blindness and causes severe distress.

The range of the salt gun involves a salt round that is accurate and effective even at 150+ feet compared to the traditional pepper sprays that can cover a very less range.

The gun can provide a better home self-defence and trusted protection. The tear gas and powdered pepper spray combination in the gun is proven to be safe. It is quite effective and is being used by the US police, military and many Federal Bureau of Prisons.

As it is a gun-model, the speed is very high compared to the traditional gun. Unlike the regular pepper sprays, the Salt gun can travel a speed of 320 feet per second which is very effective. It delivers a high kinetic energy. This can be compared to a 50mph fastball being hit.


  • The new defence weapon is designed mainly to offer the same features like pepper spray that includes trusted, non-lethal protection, particularly for women.
  • The weapon has been shaped like the traditional handgun which shoots rounds that are filled with the powdered pepper.
  • This can create a chemical cloud upon impact. It incapacitates anyone who has been shot with the gun.

What does it include?

Upon ordering, the kit has all the required things in it for the defence, one pepper spray gun, ten pepper spray rounds, ten practice rounds with one guide.

There are two carbon dioxide cylinders and one lockable case with a manual.

Other considerations

The new weapon is proved to give protection and it is trusted by more than 5000 agencies which include US state police, military and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The gun is easy to use, without a violent kick and produces a loud bang when fired. The balls having the spray have a shelf life of five years that is double the industry standards. The salt is powered by household carbon dioxide that is safe. The cylinder gets activated when needed by just simply pulling the trigger of the gun. By pulling the trigger, the cylinder’s seal breaks and does the required action. There are seven round magazine shots which allow the user upon triggering to release up to 21 rounds.

The gun is manufactured in America and costs around $350. It is available online and can be delivered by shipping at the doorstep.

The main mission of the manufacturer is to dedicate the product to equip the customers with the most advanced defence technology available. Such that they can keep the people they love safe and use it when it is needed the most.

The company accepts all the major credit cards for purchasing the same and the checkout process is protected with secure payments.

Is SALT Gun Really Useful?

It is a self-defence gun and is non-lethal, created by Salt supply. The weapon can be useful to defend yourself against the attacker. This provides a simple, clean and non-lethal way to fire a bullet of salt filled with the powdered chemical that explodes on impact. This does not cause much harm to the targeted person, as it just impairs the vision for some time. Within this time one will be able to escape from a dangerous situation. It causes lung constriction, irritation to skin and temporary blindness and can be painful but compared to the traditional gun it does not kill anyone.

This can be a useful weapon, particularly for women and other people who are under a threat. It can safeguard you from the attacks of muggers, which are quite common these days. People can easily carry the weapon, even if they are not comfortable in carrying a live firearm.

There are issues with the weapon which critics have brought up, such as propellant leakage which makes the weapon useless when you will need it. It can be useless if the intruder has the actual firearm and the stakes may not be favouring having the salt gun. In simple words, we can say that this kind of gun can be an innovative solution and a bold way to remove a common worry for anyone. The future of self-defencing can be changed with such kind of innovations in near future.

SALT gun’s stopping power

Salt gun chemical compounds are very powerful even if they can’t kill anyone. The chemical components cause irritation and temporary blindness. These are more potent than those used in the Department of Homeland Security and even in the US Military. The oleoresin capsicum is derived and dried from the ghost peppers which are very irritating to eyes and causes the high level of discomfort. The chemicals even cause disorientation and many breathing difficulties. When it comes in contact with the skin, it can cause permanent damage. Though the effect lasts only for 50 minutes, this is enough for a person to escape from a threatening situation. Sometimes the effect can be chronic but definitely painful; therefore, the gun should be carefully used only in uncontrollable situations. Children should not be allowed to use it under any circumstances.

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