New Kindle Fire Amazon Fire HD 8 | Best Gadgets in Very Good Price

Many people were eagerly waiting for the launch of new kindle fire HD 8. The new variant of kindle fire has a lot to offer as compared to its previous versions. It is truly the market favorite in many aspects such as costs, Amazon Prime membership, but it still has to offer a lot in terms of user experience. The new variant comes in four different colors namely Black, Canary Yellow, Marine Blue and Punch Red.

The all new kindle fire Amazon Fire HD 8 comes with an 8-inch widescreen display. The battery life quoted by the company is 12 hours. It is equipped with 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. The RAM size is 1.5 GB RAM. The internal storage of the device is 16 GB, where it also gives the provision of the expandable memory through micro SD slots.

Let us explore the features of the new kindle fire HD 8 in detail

New kindle fire Amazon Fire HD 8


When we talk about the storage capacity of the new kindle fire, we will not be disappointed. It has two versions of 16GB and 32GB internal memory respectively. The expandable memory is up to 256 GB, which is a plus from the previous version which only offered 200 GB.  The price difference between 16 GB internal memory edition and the 32 GB internal memory is approximately 30 US dollars. In terms of storage, this tablet is truly a plus, offering great flexibility to users to store their movies, large files, television-series and much more.

Prime Membership

One of the plus with every Amazon device is the availability of the unlimited access to the thousands of books and magazines worldwide with its prime membership. Kindle eBooks, apps, games are readily available on the new kindle fire edition from the Amazon.

Battery Backup

The Battery backup of this device quoted by Amazon is up to 12 hours. We must also take into consideration that the full battery takes approximately 6 hours to charge. This is very unlike the regular mobile chargers which charge mobiles in less than an hour. The 12-hour battery backup is decent enough for tablets in this range; however, the quoted battery backup is tested under normal usage. It will vary depending upon the extent of usage of the device.

Video and Camera

It is equipped with both front and rear camera and it captures 720p video through the rear camera. The utility of cameras in these devices comes into picture when you are making a video call or Skype call.

Additional features from previous Variants

One of the main add-ons from the previous version is that now you will be able to enjoy more graphics enabled games. You can use your Wi-Fi heavily, without worrying much about the battery and sluggishness of the device. The expandable memory has increased from 200 GB to 256 GB. The screen is now 8 inches compared to 6 inches in the previous versions. In terms of sound, this new kindle fire has a Dolby audio. This works very well for listening to the music and watching movies. This feature can surely be a difference maker for the new Kindle Fire HD 8.

Price Range

When it comes to the price, this Kindle beats all other tablets in the segment. The plus point is that no other tablet can offer such varied range of features in this price range. Moreover, with the brand name of Amazon attached, you will be sure to expect the good quality product. The new kindle fire 16 GB costs around 79 US dollars. It was launched at 90 US dollars, but the price has now come down to 79 US dollars. If you wish to have 32 GB internal storage device then you will have to shell out 109 US dollars.  If we compare the iPad in the similar segment, then the user will have to shell out approximately 350-400 US dollars.  The economical price range makes this tablet available to a large number of people.

Kids Edition

There is a new edition to the segment with 32GB Kids Edition. This includes a protective case and special kind of warranty. It provides a 2-year no-questions-asked replacement guarantee if your device gets damaged. This very well takes care of the need and manner in which kids will use the device. This is a very thought-provoking inclusion by the Amazon, which will definitely add to the utility of this device.

Downside of the New Kindle Fire HD 8

Operating System

The Amazon’s Fire OS supported in this device is less dynamic than the regular Android or iOS. You will not have a regular android play store rather you will be stuck in a less robust app store of Amazon Fire. This feature is surely a downside to this otherwise awesome tablet, as a lot of very cool and usable apps are easily available on android play store. This can also be a difference maker, but in the negative sense, a lot of people can leave this device on the pretext of non-android friendly.

Sharp Display

The display of this new kindle fire is not as sharp as that of iPad Mini. This can be a differentiating factor when we are dealing with the niche audience who is quite fussy about the display quality. The plus being is that it is relatively cheaper than the corresponding iPad Mini.

Long Battery Charging Time

It takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge. This is a good amount of time taken to push the device into its full throttle. Having said that the 12-hour backup provided by the device compensates for this, but slow charging is surely a downside of this device. This is because in today’s time even the highest powered mobile phones get fully charged within an hour.

In all the new kindle fire is the best possible tablet available in this price range with a variety of features. The plus point is that it is well in the budget and has an 8-inch display screen and a good amount of storage coupled with Amazon Prime Membership.

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