Vipukirves LeverAxe: The Efficient Innovative Splitting Smart Axe

Traditional axes have the head attached from the side, which may take a longer time to break a log of wood. Try the new smart axe “Vipukirves LeverAxe”made up of latest technology making it convenient to use.

A retired air traffic controller, Heikki Karna has come up with this product, which can easily beat the traditional axes. LeverAxe is light in weight, therefore, allows building the speed when in action. The body of the axe is designed in such a way that the head is fixed from the side, which is generally attached to the center. This helps in altering the center of gravity. It helps the log to break a few millimeters and stop; at the same time, it can counterweight the other side there by splitting the log apart.

How does wood splitting LeverAxe work?

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It is a smart device used to split the wood. This smart axe is made of iron and the hook with a heavy design. It has two clamps that hit the log with each swing, helps to produce an excellent resistance which splitting the wood. The handle can also be made of polyamide. It makes it even lighter and can help in fast chopping with less energy as the axe does not get stuck. The model is based on rotational action and lever mechanism.

  • Efficient: As it is designed on a lever mechanism, and does not stick inside the wood, the axe is efficient and fast to use.
  • Enjoyable: It’s ecological and a fun way to chop the firewood. One can start from edges and easily chop the log.
  • Safe: The length of the handle is long which produces more kinetic energy resulting in stopping on top of the log. It is safe to use. 

Technology Behind Vipukirves LeverAxe

Heikki Karna was a retired air traffic controller and he was tired of using the traditional axes. He considers them dangerous and hard to work with. They were the cause of his back pain.

One day he used crowbars for his model. The crowbar has the power of prying big rocks and stumps. Further, he came up with the designs by making various prototypes of axe at a local steel shop. He had many trials to make his invention more effective and safer. Finally, he came up with a design that is incomparable and efficient.

After the design was made, he came up with a small production with a small team because to start a larger scale, it requires a lot of money and expensive tools. Now, many people are using his invention. They appreciate it and consider it as an amazing product. There are no accidents reported up till now with smart axe. Further research trials are being done to improve the product.

Suggestions are to make the handle lighter compared to the present product, by using an engineering compound which has high mechanical strength, thermal resistance, and stiffness. The holder will be designed hollow inside so that it can be light, resulting in higher speed when in use.  If polyamide is used, it can offer higher toughness even at a low temperature as well as offers easy processing while production. The head will be made of iron which can offer wear resistance for future use. The side hook will not be changed as; it is reducing the risk of hitting ourselves.


It is available on Webstore. There are many models from which one can choose the best-suited one as per his need and budget. LEVERAXE CLASSIC MX is available for 99.00 €, LEVERAXE CLASSIC FI composite for 165.00 €, LEVERAXE CLASSIC FI ash for 165.00 €, LEVERAXE CLASSIC FI green for 165.00 €. You can contact them by calling their official numbers or you can look for these axes online. Compare the prices online and offline to make your mind. You can also avail several deals if you choose to buy the axe online.

This innovative smart axe has received Handy Innovation Award 2014 which is a program for honoring products that are creative, innovative and are eco-inventions. This new Axe is a must procured product for people who travel. Even useful for those who dream to build a tree house or their own house, someday.

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