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Know All The Free iOS Apps | That Cost Nothing

Smartphones are expensive especially if it is an iPhone, it bites your pocket. With every new launch, the prices of the iPhone increases. Still, people are crazy for iPhones. Since you are spending a lot on your phone, let us help you in saving on the apps. The app store offers many free yet useful free iOS apps.

Presenting the list of free iOS apps:

  • Clips: The new Clips video app from the app store is an all-in-one app for quickly taking the video clips, editing them and sharing them with friends, family or on social media network. The app facilitates inserting the captions or subtitles to your videos with the use of your voice. There are many filters, effects, and extras like animated speech, bubbles and emoji which you can use in your videos. Use this free iOS app to create amazing videos.
  • Accompany: Accompany combines together the calendar and contact management features. Accompany is an app that converts itself to a mobile chief of staff, assembling detailed profiles for people and companies in your upcoming events and meetings.
  • Signal: It is a wonderful messaging & calling app for security conscious mobile users. It uses the benefits of end to end encryption for free messaging and voice call solutions. It facilitates sending of text messages, voice calls, group messages, media and attachments to your phone contacts without hampering the PIN codes or special login credentials. The messages sent via this app can be set for self destruction after some time. It is one of the best free iOS apps available on the store.
  • Prisma: This is a fun app that rolls and then transforms the images from your smartphone’s camera with the help of neural networks and artificial intelligence to work of art from the famous artist like the Munk or Picasso. It also uses many special effects and visual metamorphosis with a simple slider interface. It can save the image which you can share on the social media sites. This app adds a dash of fun and thrill to your dull old photos. Try this free iOS app now to checkout its amazing features.
  • Anydo: It is a must-have app for the busy bees that tend to forget their daily chores. This app keeps a track of your schedule, to do list, reminders, notes and the facility to share lists with and assign tasks to others. This is a wonderful app that syncs all the gadgets like the mobile phone, desktop, web, and tablet to keep your lists updated and delegate tasks to others.
  • Accuweather: This is my personal favorite app; it tells you timely and detailed weather forecasts from 15-day outlooks to hyperlocal MinuteCasts. The forecast is presented in an animated format, radar maps, and detailed forecast summaries. Information regarding hazardous weather and road conditions are also provided by this app. Try this amazing free iOS apps
  • Overcast: This is another interesting app offering a great mix of clean design, powerful audio and podcast management features. It can be used to play episodes playbacks, downloaded files as well as online files.
  • Prosper daily: This app connects your bank and credit card accounts so that the spending can be tracked. It provides protection against any fraud activity. Thus this app helps the users to spot any suspicious activity and unfair charges. The app also flags the unauthentic charges and notifies the user. It is an amazing free iOS app to track your spending.
  • Paper by fifty three: This app was initiated as a drawing and notebook app but then started catering the checklists, photo annotations and general notes. It still has the apps initial expressive drawings engine and analogue feel. It facilitates to doodle or any other productive task.
  • Last pass: This mobile app combines password vault and generates strong passwords in one single app. Users can generate new passwords and also add or update the list of Form Fills, sites and Secure note.
  • Password: Remembering different password for every app and service that is being used is a complex task. Password’s new mobile version combines the desktop app to assist you in keeping your account safe by creating and saving different unique passwords for all the services used by you. Thus, it is only one password that is the key to all your apps and services.
  • Chrome: Each iPhone has Apple’s suite of apps, but if you are not comfortable in using the software of apple then there is an option to change the browser. Google chrome is indeed a useful and user-friendly browser. Chrome makes web surfing on your mobile quite an easy task. Use this free iOS apps to surf the internet on your iPhone.
  • Lyft: It is a common situation when there is a need of cab and you won’t be able to find one. Just to be on the safer side get this app. Lyft will pick you from your destination and drop you to the drop point that to at a cost that is less than the traditional cab fare.
  • Snapchat: Snapchat is an app that connects you with your friends. Singles message or snapchat stories can be sent with the help of this app. You can also keep yourself up-to-date on news and events by using this app.
  • Waze: The app informs you not only about the traffic on a road but also about the construction, accidents, red light cameras and regarding the police ahead on your route.
  • Untappd: For beer lovers, it is an app that keeps the track of every brew that has been consumed by them. It presents the different beers, rates them and also sends virtual cheers to a friend when you liked the beer selected by them.
  • Evernote: Evernote is a virtual notebook that you can carry everywhere and write down the minutest detail or thought that you have in your mind. You can save notes or make note directly, save images and articles from the internet. Audio files can also be tracked with this app. The bonus feature is that all the information stored here can be tracked quickly and easily from any past reference.

Use any of these free iOS apps and enjoy their benefits.

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