Helmfon Noise-Cancelling Helmet Blocks Out Sounds At Workplace

At times, it’s hard to concentrate on work and you want to block everything which is distracting you, especially the sound. You want a silent calm space to work and you are even ready to look ridiculous for that, only in exchange for the peace. The noise not only hinders your concentration but also affects your productivity. Most people might use a noise-cancelling headphone to keep them away from the outside noise. However, now you have a more appropriate solution for your problem. Use the Helmfon Noise-Cancelling Helmet and build your own isolated place wherever you are and whenever you want.

The main intention of creating this tool is to help the user to fully concentrate on the working project and get some personal environment for themselves. This way the idea does not allow office noise to kill user’s productiveness. The user can completely focus on his work without any kind of diversions.

What is Helmfon Noise-Cancelling Helmet?

Hochu Rayu a Ukrainian design company has come up with a unique idea of an isolated helmet. The helmet can block all the outside noise. Designed specially for office workers to provide them the privacy to look for concentrating while working. A device looks exactly like a helmet. It mainly works on active sound absorption properties to provide the user noise free zone to work freely without any distractions. Due to its unique absorption features, it reflects the sound waves and makes the working environment a better place for the users.

Hochu Rayu got this amazing idea while he was working for an IT company, designing a new phone booth. After having many discussions about the way people communicate in today’s time they show interest for this tool.  Which can allow the user to be in two different worlds but at the same time, even when they are in office. Users can use it for virtual meetings by sitting at the common place and without disturbing anyone around them. They do not need to go to a separate room for conducting meetings or conferences.

User can easily worn the helmet over his/her shoulder or can even mount it on the wall or ceiling to avail the benefits. It has foam lining which dampens external sounds. To hold your smartphone, the Helmfon Noise-Cancelling Helmet has a specific place inside it. The helmet has a microphone as well as speakers inside it, which can be used while making calls, meetings, etc. without creating any disturbance to the surrounding. One of the best things is the user cannot hear co-workers chatting to get distracted.

While it provides various conveniences for its users, it can help the user to skype at their desks without disturbing others.

Structure of Helmfon Helmet

Helmfon Helmet

The material used for the helmet is nitro paint. That, can be used to customize the helmet in a number of vibrant and fun colors. The outside case is from of glass fibre and the inner membrane cloth is made of foamed polyethylene material. For that the helmet can eliminate the external noise.

The helmet is comes with a microphone, system board, speakers, magnifier, accumulator, and has a special place to hold the smartphone. This allows multiple users to conduct meetings or conference calls without disturbing each other and by sitting in the same space.

It is one of the best inventions for employees who work in a busy workplace or have to hear a lot of nearby noise.

What are its benefits?

  • Helmfon Noise-Cancelling Helmet can allow the user to watch videos, movies and organize Skype conferences without disturbing others. He can also answer or make calls while wearing it.
  • One can even watch or edit photos or can add some personal functions in it.
  • The helmet comes equipped with Bluetooth and camera. Which ensure the user to attend virtual meetings, video calls, etc. without distracting or disturbing others around him.
  • As it avoids the external sound to disturb one’s work. So, it allows multiple employees to conduct meetings in a small space without causing a commotion.
  • The video conferencing or face timing can be efficient. Also, clear through speakers and microphone and makes it free of ambient noise.
  • The helmet is a highly useful tool. Which may improve the time spent on the job, and provides a micro office around your head, which can be personalized.

According to the company who has designed the product, the Helmfon was created because of many attempts to purely help the employees. The main benefit is that they can skype at their desks without bothering coworkers. Though there is noise cancelling earphones and other available stuff. This is a unique and most useful product that one surely needs in today’s time.

Final Thoughts

Helmfon helmet is a great product for its users who are constantly in stress by human interruption at their work place, They mostly need to shut out the noise. The helmet comes with a price which is not disclosed yet. As Helmfon developer is coming up with few more ideas.

Wearing Helmfon helmet can make you look like a character from Star Wars or like an astronaut. However, it is worth it.

Hochu Rayu, the inventor is currently testing the device for better performance and working. Soon the market will be fill with these amazing innovative series of Helmfon helmets. The time line is not yet released though. The manufacturer does not disclose even the release date of these helmets.

So guys keep updated and as soon as the helmet arrives in the market. Plan to have Helmfon Noise-Cancelling Helmet and become more productive at your work place.

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