Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch: What Should You Need To Know

After a certain period of repeated developmental delays and modifications, Fitbit finally unveiled its first ever best smart watch named – Fitbit Ionic. It is said to be one of the high-end products of the company which is a long-awaited smart watch ever. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is seen as the flagship device of Fitbit Company being stuffed with amazing features in it.


It is a fact that no matter how cool the technology it is designed with, the users won’t try it if it is not fashionable. Designed in a fashionable way, the overall look of the Ionic smart watch is mesmerizing. It is built up of an aluminum aerospace grade case which is a light weighted one. By using both the plastic and metal together, the company says it has incorporated a new nano-molding technology to design the body part of the watch. It is embedded with antenna lines in it for accessing the features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS respectively. The back of the case is designed tapered which makes your wrist to get in contact with the device. So, this allows various sensors to have a comfortable contact with your wrist.

The left-side button of the device when pressed powers on the device and the two buttons present on the right side helps to save the data and pause it when performing workouts. The attractively curved touchscreen of the device is designed with 1000 nits thus making the device to look so bright even when it is placed under sunlight.

Promised Battery Life

The estimated battery life of Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is no lesser than four days, as expected by the company. Also, the battery lasts till ten hours even when the GPS is in use. Both of these are really impressive in its usage in this digital world.

Fitness First

Tracking your heart rate when involved in activities like cycling and running is possible with Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch. The “PurePulse” sensor detects the heart rate and tracks it while performing the activities. Another important sensor named “tri-wave sensor” is used to alert the users at the time of sleep apnea. This device also offers its users with built-in support GPS device to track your location. Now, without mobile phones, you can perform your activities in a very comfortable manner. In short, checking the pulse rate or oxygen level is what this device performs. While it is raised to a certain level, it will automatically provide an alert message to you regarding the situation. There is also a detecting system which will inform the start and stop time of your activity and also helps in logging it.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Heart Rate Monitor is familiar with many smart watch devices such as Alta HR, etc. Ionic watches distinguishes itself from others by the algorithms and the designs used. The Heart Rate Monitor must be very accurate in detecting the readings of your pulse rate. The sensor must lie against your skin which must be flatter in order to get the accurate pulse readings. SpO2 sensor helps in tracking the oxygen content present in the blood. By detecting this, the smart watch could alert the user about the critical situation of sleep apnea (a problem occurs due to breathing trouble).

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch: Features

The Ionic Smart Watch is packaged with loads of amazing features. Some of its wonderful features are:


FITBIT PAY is mainly designed to reduce your task of taking a wallet with you wherever you go. Instead, take your Fitbit Ionic in order to purchase anything from the shop without using cash or credit cards. But, make sure the shop you enter supports contactless payments before using it. The Ionic smart watch now offers its users to support wireless payments as like Apple and Android device via NFC. The procedure to make wireless payments is that,

  • Add your credit card in Fitbit Companion application. It supports Visa card, American Express, and Master Card.
  • Set a PIN code to lock/unlock it in order to provide security. The PIN code is first displayed on the unit when you place the Ionic watch in your wrist.
  • Once you removed the watch, you have to re-enter the PIN code details again.
  • If you want to check out, long press the left button for two seconds which will show you the payment screen.
  • At this instance, you have to tap on the payment reader. It is obvious, that NFC payments must be supported by the payment reader which may differ according to the places.
  • The successful completion of the process is done by tapping the payment reader on your wrist.
  • If you are not satisfied with its successful completion, go to the phone application in order to validate the status of your payment.


Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch has the ability to store music and the internal storage available here is 2.5 GB. The music can be loaded via Pandaro app which is preloaded with this device. Using Wireless Headsets, you can able to hear the music. So, Fitbit Company itself invested in developing headphones to its customers. A premium subscription is required to sync the music playlists onto your Ionic device. With the help of Bluetooth, you can pair your Ionic device with the wireless headphones.

Supports both iPhone and Android

It is compatible with both the iPhone and Android smart phones. Also, the Fitbit Company is now opening its accessing platforms to support more devices. It is also very easy for the users to customize their available notifications which include the text messages, updates of weather, etc. which is available in the Fitbit Ionic application.

So, should you buy it?

Fitness freaks usually have compelling reasons to buy a smart watch (Android or iOS) to check out their fitness level during the exercise regime. Apple users are normally loyal towards Apple products. Hence, they use to prefer Apple watches. For Android users, the Ionic smart watch will be the best fit.

Thus, Ionic smart watch offers wonderful features to its users with a fashionable touch. Users who are conscious about their fitness can make use of this device effectively. Hope, this article provided you a better clarity details regarding the world popular Ionic Smart watch.

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