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Samsung had to face a big setback because of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. But now, Samsung is back in the market, with the Note 8 which is supposed to be better and bold. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been built to get back the trust of Samsung’s patron customers. The changes made in the Galaxy Note 8 make it a better version of Galaxy Note 7. Though it comes at a higher price but then who said that good things come cheap. Let us discuss the different aspects of Samsung note 8, its improvements, and its features.

Samsung note 8: Design

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the usual Samsung design which we have seen since in the last few years. The front is made up of glass and the back frame made up of metal. The current design of Note 8 is very similar to the current Galaxy S8 with a more square and angular look. The sides of the note 8 are much flatter and gives a better grip by having distinct separation between the glass and the metal. The glass material on the mobile is the only biggest drawback. It needs extra care while handling and marks of fingerprints are visible on it, making it look dirty.


The feature of infinity display which was introduced in the Galaxy S8 has now been taken over by Galaxy Note 8 too. In this display, bezels are used on all the sides that make the entire front of the screen available for display. The Samsung allows the largest screen display because of the thin bezels. The screen size of the Galaxy Note 8 is bigger and wider as compared to Note 7. The difference in the size is quite noticeable as it makes the mobile lock taller and wilder and it seems to be the biggest screen Android phone available in the market. The Samsung Note 8 consists of all features in its display system as the other Samsung phones such as high contrast, vibrant colors, and inky dark blacks.


The new Galaxy Note 8 comes with a RAM of 6 GB. This is not the first time a Samsung model has a 6 GB RAM. But this feature makes Note 8 more functional and provides smooth multitasking to the users. It makes swiping and scrolling through menus easier and faster. Browsing the web, jumping in and out of apps has become a better and smoother experience.


Without talking about the S Pen, it would feel incomplete talking about the Galaxy Note 8. S Pen has been an important highlighted feature in the Galaxy Note line. The basic hardware of the S Pen is similar to that of Note 7. The features of the clickable top, 0.7 mm ballpoint tip and 4000 level of pressure sensitivity remain the same. There are only a few software changes in the S Pen.

Other hardware of this mobile is almost the same as Note 7 except for the Kitchen sink. The mobile comes with internal memory storage of 128 and 256 GB. But initially, it will be available for a 64GB model only. It has wireless charging feature, has a Bluetooth 5 and gigabit LTE support and IEP 68 certification. This feature makes it a dust and water resistant gadget where it can tolerate submersion up to 1.5 m for 30 minutes.

The people who like to use headphones (not wireless) will not be disappointed by Note 8.  Samsung Note 8 still has one headphone jack and has no intention of removing it. It chooses to keep the feature intact as of now. The external audio of the Samsung Note 8 does not come with any special change. This is a weakness of the Samsung smartphones for years and the Samsung manufacturers do not intend to emphasize on the improvement of the sound quality of its audio system.

The placement of the fingerprint sensor still takes its place beside the camera which is not considered a very economic location. It is one unfortunate feature of Galaxy Note 8 hardware. Though there have been some improvements made to make its usability better than S8.

The Galaxy Note 8 was hyped a lot at the time of its launch. The battery life is quite powerful in Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  With higher and heavy use of the mobile, it would be able to work the whole day long after one full charge; that is around an average of 15 to 18 working hours.


The addition of dual cameras in the note 8 is one of the biggest & drastic changes done by the manufacturers. The wide angle and the telephoto lens setup in the Galaxy Note 8 are very similar to the iPhone 7 plus and one plus 5 phones. The secondary lens in the Note 8 is made to achieve 2 optical zooms.

Basically, all the working and Hardware features of the camera in the Galaxy Samsung Note 8 is quite similar to the iPhone 7 plus and one plus 5. The Samsung camera app totally remains the same as in S8. The shooting modes such as virtual shot, slow motion, panorama, and a pro mode exist with no new experience. The camera app has many image filters, Snapchat esque effects which add to the creativity, fun, and uniqueness of the camera. The quality of the picture remains as good as we have seen in Galaxy S8.

You will get a good quality camera experience with Note 8. Vibrant colors, detailing of the photo and other dynamic range features come with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 dual cameras.

Galaxy note 8
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Galaxy Note 8: Final Words

Apart from some minor issues like the fingerprint sensor placement, etc. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a power-packed gadget which can satisfy its users. The experience of using a Note 8 would be great. But for this experience, the note lovers have to pay a very heavy amount with the prices starting from $930 for the base model and can go up to $960. People living in Europe may be charged a huge amount of 999 euros. This makes the Galaxy Note a very expensive purchase. If you are a Samsung lover and a gadget lover too, you will never regret buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is going to release this year in September. HAPPY BUYING!!!!

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