First Portable Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner You Can Carry With You

Most countries have a closer relationship with air conditioning and summers. Even more, most manufacturers have developed innovative solutions to offices, homes and tents when camping. The Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner is a funky looking 17cm cube that you will place on your desk, bed side table or your coffee table. After switching it on, it will produce cooler, purified humidified air. The manufacturer supplies the product with a regular USB plug and cable. You can have it up and running on your Android or iPhone charger. The cool-appearing round blue LCD screen on its top provides an at-a-glimpse readout of temperature, fan speed and output temperature. The control ring will help you power the device or reduce the power.

Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner is basically an evaporative cooler. In other words, the coolness originates from the evaporating water which the product blows at you with the small fan. People commonly refer to evaporative coolers as air-coolers due to their weaker performance and their struggles with humidity. They believe that the devices are inefficient and almost useless if the humidity exceeds 55%. That might be true to all of them apart from Evapolar. The producer uses more advanced cooling technology. The product performs better than most large evaporative coolers available in the market. What’s more, you cannot move with the bigger evaporative coolers to any place, something that is possible with the Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner.

Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner Features

Fundamentally, the manufacturer has based the technology on special evaporative nanomaterial that originates from the Russian Military tech. The following are some of the key features to expect on the product.

The product’s design

Most evaporative coolers in the market are large devices that flaunt the appearance of portable air-conditioning units. That is not the case with the Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner. It is a smaller cooler measuring 174x170x170mm, something that makes it an ideal product for placing on your desk or for carrying to camping sites. The product is also gorgeous and the manufacturer supplies it in three different colours, including blue, black and white.

The water tank

Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner is an evaporative cooler. It therefore features a 750ml water tank which sits on its side. The water tank is cumbersome to remove while the flap on the product’s top is flimsy. After several refills, you will easily get the tank out and in smoothly.

The product’s operation

Water from the tank passes into the cartridge and spreads evenly over the cooling pads’ surface. The fan situated at the product’s rear side blows warm air over the water and evaporates it as a result. At the end, the water cools the air and adds humidity. The cartridges will last for at least six months and will cost you $39.99. The water tank offers 3-4 hours of cooling while the cartridges can absorb 400ml of water. By refilling the water tank immediately the cartridge is saturated, you will extend the cooling time to around three hours.

You will have an easier time controlling the device particularly due to the brighter screen on its top, which doubles as a button. To start the cooler or put it off, long press the screen. To adjust the speed of the fan, use the dial on the cooler’s side. With 20 settings, the product offers everything ranging from gentle breeze to full blasts of air.

In the default mode, the product displays incoming air temperature – which is your room’s ambient temperature. The product also displays the temperature of outgoing air, which is an indication of its effectiveness. To access the main menu, tap the button once. From the main menu, you can adjust the colour of the cooler’s reservoir light to match your home or office décor. From there, you can also adjust the light intensity or turn off the light.

The Night mode means that the reservoir light will go off; the main display will turn dim. The mode will be more useful if you do not want distractions. Even more, you can set the device to shine a specific colour whenever the cartridge runs dry. The device will not notify you when the cartridge wears out. You have to replace it immediately the cooling performance reduces or the cooler’s effectiveness reduces.

The product’s overall performance

Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner
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After the cartridge has absorbed water from the reservoir, the cooler will function at maximum efficiency. Its cooling efficiency highly depends on several factors such as relative humidity and ambient temperature. The product works efficiently in hot and dry places. It also comes with a handy table that shows expected performance. At 25 degree Celsius with 30% relative humidity, you should expect the air output temperature to stand at 15.4%. At 25 degree Celsius and 60% relative humidity, the output temperature should stand at 19.7 degrees Celsius. Its sensors are also effective.

The product is not noisy. At maximum power, the noise level stands at 53.9dB and 33.4dB at minimum power – similar to your room’s background noise. Its power consumption is good. The Evapolar Personal Air Cooler will draw only 2W at the minimum fan speed and around 6.2W at the maximum power. That is lesser than what air conditioners draw and less than similar-size fans. You just need a standardised micro-USB cable to power it.

Is the product worth your consideration?

First, you should understand that the manufacturer has not designed this device for cooling your entire room. They have produced it to cool one person at a time. With typical humidity levels on hot summer days, the product will output a hot air stream that is colder than your room’s ambient temperature. It will make working around your desk more comfortable. And due to its way of working, you can leave your rooms open to enjoy more fresh air.

Moreover, the running costs are lower. Everyone will agree that air-cons can cool down an entire room and operate better in higher humidity environments. However, they need ventilation and are expensive. A fan will cover a larger area without affecting the air temperature. Evapolar is a better consideration for deskbound individuals. It is neat, cheap and compact. The controls are easier to use. Use the device to remain cool when working or when sleeping.

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