The New Walkman Elbow Cassette Player Could Bring Back Cassettes

With the advent of technology and its successive advancements, things are changing at a very rapid rate. What is in fashion today, soon can find itself on the shelves of archives. Elbow Cassette player is a product which is aiming to bring back the cassette from archives in fashion. The cassette lovers can still listen to their favorite music on the cassette without the need of carrying the cassette player cases. The new Elbow cassette player is the latest innovative player which is as easy to use as an iPod, CD player or any MP3 player. It is an attempt to revive the love for old cassette players, without the hassle of the capstan operated double pulleys driven heavy cassette players.

The technology has a great potential to seriously bring about a certain degree of revolution in the music industry, as there is no dearth of the people who still feel nostalgic about the cassette and cassette players.

Advent of New Technologies

Elbow cassette Player
Image Credit: Elbow Inc.

When CD players first came into the market, there were still many people who were not eager to accept them in the place of cassette players. The sleek design of cassettes was so steeped in the minds of the people that they were unable to visualize any other device or player for music. Cassettes were music to them. SD cards, chip cards further became the face of advancement in technology which was largely aimed at reducing the mechanical structures to play the music and also give the user an experience of clear, clean and crisp sound. Music players started getting small and small, with chips carrying a large amount of songs in smaller physical space allowing people to have more options. This slowly and steadily pushed cassette in archives and was just used in remembering the good old cassette days.

The MP3 technology though increased the quality of sound, which was the main reason people appreciated and welcomed its advent, but for the people who still hold the meaning of music through cassettes, this Elbow cassette player, with its reduced hassle-free design by  designer Andrius Žemaitis. Just fitting an elbow arm to the cassette, can surely bring about the sense of joy in them.

Elbow Cassette player: Bring Change in Music Industry

The new Elbow cassette player can revolutionalize the music industry in the sense that it can create the demand for cassettes in the market, as people will tend to record their favorite music again on cassettes, thus increasing the business opportunities to the people who will try their hand at making cassettes. The newer cassettes might come with more space and will be a delight to all cassette lovers.

Functioning of Elbow Cassette Player

Elbow cassette Player

The Elbow cassette player structure is very simple and aesthetically quite appealing. It has a bi-axial arm, which has the capacity to move in two directions. The upward movement allows it to fit into the cassette and the sideways movement allows it to change the playing direction i.e. fitting into the other reel. There is a control wheel, which has the functionality of increasing and decreasing the volume, and also if moved in opposite direction it can make the tape move faster, similar functionality of fast-forwarding the music.

It works with a single pulley to make the tape move, with an optical sensor attached to the motor to ensure the constant playback rate. The use of optical sensor is to measure or track the movement of the tape surface as it goes through. It completely rules out the need of two pulleys, capstan and pinches roller to drive the tape, as it was in old conventional cassette players. The Elbow cassette player also has a USB port which will allow the user to transfer the music to the computer or laptop. One can use it to charge the device.

It has got a 3.5 mm jack, which will give the user the option of listening to their favorite music with headphones or earphones in place. One can use almost all types of earphones which fit in the 3.5 mm jack.

Advantages of New Elbow cassette Player:

  • It paves way for the niche cassette player loving audiences to enjoy their music again on the cassette without the hassle of carrying heavy cassette players.
  • Elbow can easily fit onto your fabrics, clothes so that you can enjoy your music while doing any of your work.
  • It was a cultural symbol which largely signified music.
  • A person can transfer music into his computer and laptop through USB.
  • Easily chargeable.
  • Sleek and aesthetic design with portability feature.

Disadvantages of Music Player:

  • It will give you the same benefit as a cassette player would do. Therefore, if you require a large number of songs to be stored in it, then it might disappoint you.
  • No Touchscreen control to display the track .
  • No FM or AM facility.
  • Cassette will be barely open for dust or things.

The Elbow cassette player is still a concept, which has a tremendous potential to completely create out a new space in the market. It will surely revive the old cassette industry, which was largely lost after the advent of CD players and MP3 players. The basic idea behind introducing the Elbow cassette player is simply to offer the benefits of a cassette player, but by reducing all its mechanical features to the core and leaving behind a sleek aesthetic Elbow arm to operate it as effortlessly as the conventional players used to play the cassette.

No matter how far we scale up in the technology, there is some part of the old fashion which tends to repeat itself in some form or another. It is the part of the natural human psyche which longs for the things they now no longer possess but once very dear to them. Elbow‘s upgraded versions bring a sense of joy and happiness in their lives. The Elbow cassette player is definitely going to be a favorite for cassette lover niche audience, who still cherish the bygone days of cassette.

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