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Under Construction Page Review

Ever felt the urge to probably upgrade some contents on your website, or just change its look?   The question is, how do you make this happen without losing all your visitors? How do you even retain them till you stage that comeback after construction?  What many website admins do is that they put up a site maintenance page.

Yes it is also called an Under Construction Page. Sometimes, you just want only the visitors screened by you to see the website. But can putting up an “Under Construction Page” really do all this? Well if you say no, you won’t be wrong. And if you say yes you are still not wrong.

The UnderConstructionPage plugin for WordPress has just surfaced to make life easy for website builders and administrators. With the capacity to generate a site maintenance page, an under construction page, and even a landing page in less than 60 seconds. You get to install and setup the plugin without the coding knowledge/time hassle. It has been designed to offer a simple and fast user-friendly experience.

You don’t need to be a coding geek to configure the under construction page for WordPress. Beginners can also access an amazing collection of page designs while adjusting the custom CSS page sizes, with the texts and images to be displayed.

Here are some very amazing feature of the “Under Construction Page” plugin for WordPress:

  • It offers an easy-to-use user-friendly GUI
  • Self-updates users with new designs twice monthly.
  • Over 130,000 live users with an average rapid increase of 10, 000 users every month
  • Compactible and Supports many caching plugins so no need to manually erase
  • Plugin automatically turns off the “under-construction-page” mode on a set date.
  • Supports Google Analytics Tracking ID – enables tracking via Google Analytics
  • The plugin has garnered over 1000 five-star reviews
  • It comes with an in-built support system. No registration is needed to get to support. You can send emails to the support crew right from the plugin.
  • It is developed with a consideration for SEO. Hence there are no optimization issues.
  • Social Media Integration, the UCP is built with the social media networks at heart. Making it a bridge between your website and the world. All social media networks have their icons fully available, and represented.

Some exclusive features include (for free)

  • The Whitelisted User Roles function – It highlights user roles who see the main site, instead of the maintenance page.
  • Whitelisted Users function – users who have been screened to see the site by the admin, instead of maintenance page show here.

What we have is the “Under-Construction Page” plugin for WordPress. Hurry up and join the growing community of WordPress users who are taking their web experience further with the “Under-Construction Page” plugin for WordPress.

If you want more control over your under construction page, you should take a look at the PRO version that gives you dozens of extra features. Some of the features include:

  • An intuitive Drag & Drop page builder
  • Improved access control so you can whitelist IP addresses
  • Custom links with custom expire rules
  • MailChimp and Zapier support
  • Support for any 3rd party autoresponder
  • Support for local database autoresponder
  • Get access to more than 300k free photos
  • Google Maps module
  • Newsletter module
  • Contact form
  • Countdown timer

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