How To Choose The Right Hoverboard: Everything You Need To Know

Some call it hoverboard, some call it electric scooter and some call it two wheel self-balancing scooter. With so many name one thing is common that everyone out there loves them. They are super fun to ride and come with amazing controls and other features.

Back in 2016, CPSC announced that none of the hoverboards in the market are safe for use, and all of them were called back immediately. Later when they came back in the market, they had a UL certification with them which means that the scooter is completely safe from any fire or other hazardous issues.

So before we head over to the technical buying guide, we would like to advise you to never buy a hoverboard that does not has a UL2272 certification. As far we have seen, all the popular and big brands have the certification on all their hoverboards, but we cannot say for unregistered local brands.

Now let’s dive into the buying guide for hoverboards:

Quick Tips for those who are in hurry

  • Do not buy a fast hoverboard for younger children. The recommended range group is minimum 12 years.
  • Do an intensive research on the build quality, Real customer reviews on online portals for real reviews and to watch real pictures.
  • The normal hoverboard speed range is 7-10mph. Only a few of the hoverboards go beyond that
  • The few immensely popular hoverboard brands are Razor, Segway, Epikgo, and Swagtron, so try to buy one from them. This Buyer’s guide from gadgetsdeck features great hoverboards.
  • Try to not spend more than $700 for a hoverboard.
  • Check local laws, if riding hoverboard in your locality is allowed or not.

What is Hoverboard or an Electric Scooter?

Hoverboards are two wheel boards which come with sensors inbuilt, which helps in controlling it just via the leg movement.

The rider stands on top the hoverboard and rides it flawlessly. Most of the hoverboard can resist up to 220 lbs of weight upon them.

All the hoverboards come with a chargeable battery inside, which is capable of giving 1-2 hours of ride time on a single charge.

Build Quality

Build quality is different on different types of hoverboards. The all-terrain hoverboards like Epikgo Sport come with the real sturdy build quality and solid terrain tires. While other hoverboards come with normal tires and are made keeping in mind the normal routes.

If you are planning to ride them on terrains, muddy or watery surfaces, then you not only just need a solid and terrain ready board, but you must also see that your hoverboard is waterproof and comes with IPX certification

Charging Time and Battery Range

The battery is probably the most important part of your hoverboard. it decided hor you can go, how fan you can ride and how much weight you can put on it.

An idea hoverboard should not take more than 2-3 hour to fully charge and must provide at least 1-2 hours of the ride.

You can easily get to know about these details by looking at the specification or reading the buyer’s reviews.


Speed can be the crucial factors in different ways.

If you are planning to buy a hoverboard for your kids then make sure the maximum speed is something between 5-7mph, but when you are buying a hoverboard for yourself or some adult person then anything above 8mph would be a good choice.

On average most of the hoverboards goes up to 10mph, but some hoverboards are design that go up to 13mph – 15mph, which is insane speed for a scooter.


If you are going to take your hoverboard everywhere like to college etc, then you should keep the weight of the hoverboard into consideration as well.

Most of the hoverboard lies in the range of overall 20 pounds of weight, while some go as high up to 30 pounds, so hoverboard weighing between 20 – 30 pounds is something you can consider.


Hoverboards on comparison are quite similar to each other. They all provide an average battery range of 1-2 hours and weigh very close to each other.

But some of the powerful hoverboards come with dual watt motors, and that is where the price difference comes in.

A normal hoverboard would cost you something expecting $300-$350, while a high-end all-terrain hoverboard will cost $500- $600. check this list of best hoverboards to finalize one for yourself.

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