Boss DR-01S Rhythm Partner For Unplugged Acoustic Guitarists

Solo acoustic musicians face many challenges when selecting the best percussion machine. However, Boss has decided to eliminate most of the challenges by introducing the BOSS DR-01S Rhythm Partner. They have designed the machine to complement all acoustic players, including violin, guitar, piano, voice and any other available non-electric musical instrument. The product provides organic sound to its simpler beats and percussions and patterns.

The portable beat maker flaunts integrated sound system and an all-in-one design. Its user-friendly control interface offers seven co-occurring instrument categories, full drums, metronome and sound effects. With the product, you will manage to save up to 50 combinations for faster reference and consistency. Use the foot switch to control the Boss DR-01S Rhythm Partner and use your hands to control the external devices. To use the product, you will need 6xAA batteries which will last for 10 hours – you can also use the AC adapter. The acoustic boom box will transform your next gig into a mini-concert.

BOSS DR-01S Rhythm Partner Key Features

BOSS DR-01S Rhythm Partner
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  • Powered by 6 AA size batteries. It comes with an AC adapter.
  • Line out to allow connection of larger sound systems or acoustic guitar amp.
  • Aux input that allows use as a speaker for the phone’s speaker and other audio players.
  • Allows saving of 50 rhythm combinations for faster recall.
  • Hands-free control for several functions with footswitches. You can also use them to trigger sounds.
  • Dedicated patterns in every instrument category. You can layer patterns from all the available categories together at once.
  • Seven simultaneous acoustic instruments categories including tambourines, congas, shakers, full drum set, standard metronome, sound effects and other sounds.
  • Friendly user interface that facilitates selection of groves and instrument types, volume and tempo adjustment and others.
  • More convenient design with higher quality sound system
  • Great sound, easier to use rhythm box for acoustic musicians
  • Simple, tasteful grooves that supports and enhances unplugged music styles.

Why use the product?

The manufacturer has made the BOSS DR-01S Rhythm Partner purposely for acoustic musicians. Unlike the many rhythm machines electronic DJs and musicians use, the product boasts simple and organic percussion sounds, versatile grooves which should tastefully complement your unplugged experience. It is ideal for vocalists and acoustic guitarists. It will also work better with piano, ukulele, violin and many other acoustic instruments.

The product’s user-friendly interface makes it easier to cater variations and beats to suit a variety of styles while its onboard speaker offers higher quality sound that will blend perfectly with any acoustic instrument. Even more, with the battery powered operation; you will take the rhythm partner to any place. And whether you will be playing alone or with your friends, the product will bring a different level of enjoyment to all acoustic music sessions. Here are some of the reasons you might need to consider the product.

Unplugged music

Among the greatest pleasures of acoustic music relates to the simplicity and uncomplicatedness. You will just pick your instruments and start playing. This product flows seamlessly with the relaxed unplugged vibe providing a friendlier panel interface, tasteful understated grooves that enhance acoustic music styles without forming hindrances and all-in-one design. With the dedicated buttons, you will call up different types of variations and beats, layer up seven instruments together to make unique rhythms. You will also save a list of 50 combinations for later recall. What’s more, you can adjust the tempo, volume and time signature with a few touches. And before the rhythm starts, you can add a count in. Fade away grooves to make polished endings for all your songs.

Communicative grooves and percussion instruments

The Boss DR-O1S Rhythm Partner takes advantage of sound development history and acclaimed rhythm machine of BOSS and the parent company Roland. Therefore, the product offers various authentic acoustic percussion sounds including maracas, shakers, tambourines, bongos, congas, cajon, bells and many others. The included drum kit feature offers both electronic and acoustic sounds, suitable when need to rock up acoustic jams arise. All instrument categories include many expressive grooves from acoustic percussionists that will provide you with a wider variety of organic backing for every unplugged style.

Communicative sound in compact design

DR-01S boasts an integrated audio system that facilitates production of warm full sounds that blend perfectly with natural tones of various acoustic instruments. BOSS has combined innovative custom speaker, cabinet design and higher efficiency amplifier to deliver better sound in the highly portable device. When taking this product to the stage, you will just need to extend a line to the PA system or acoustic amp.

Hands-free control and optional footswitches

Actually, you can access all the functions of DR-O1S from its front panel. However, for a better experience, you will have to perform some tasks while keeping your hands on the acoustic instrument. That is possible with a footswitch. You can choose some of the assignable functions including tempo up/down, start/stop, pattern variation, tap tempo and many others. Moreover, you can trigger any DR-01S percussion sound using your foot. Footswitches will help you tap out music beats while playing.

The bottom line

The Boss DR-01S Rhythm Partner is a cool device that you should keep handy whenever you feel like breaking out jams, particularly for vocalists and acoustic guitarists. The product offers a variety of organic percussion sounds, versatile grooves and instruments that you can program to make perfect beats. Even more, the product is battery powered and has a handy sizable loudspeaker.

Therefore, it is suitable for individuals who perform around campfire jam sessions. In addition to the full drum kits, you will have the option of selecting more instruments like maracas, shakers, congas, tambourines, bells, bongos and cajon. The drum kit flaunts both electronic and acoustic sounds and all instrument categories feature many expressive grooves made by acoustic percussionists. In other words, users have a variety of organic backing for unplugged style. The best thing is that you will have the chance to use seven instruments simultaneously. Make unique back grooves that you will sing or jam to.

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