Best Secure Email Services You Can Use For Better Privacy

If you are one of those people, who are always updated with all the latest happening around the world, especially, in the tech world, then news pieces from the month of April 2017 would have put you in a thought zone about your privacy. For those, who are not aware, the start of the year saw many Ransomware attacks on the biggest organizations around the world, leaving people wondering about their own virtual security. While people started updating to new windows OS and started updating their antivirus programs both on their laptops and mobile phones, they forget about their email accounts & loose privacy. Now it is time to use an email from Best Secure Email Services.

If you think using the likes of Google/Gmail, outlook and yahoo ensures that you are safe then it’s far from the truth. Though, it is true that these services encrypt your mail from basic cyber attacks, like phishing and hacking but may not be able to do so from the government and from these companies themselves. All these companies have headquarters in the US (notorious for general snooping) it is but obvious that the companies would give under pressure from the government and reveal your data. Now comes your ISP provider. A copy of your sent and received emails are always stored with your ISP, though for a small amount of time.

And now comes the biggies themselves, Google, Outlook, and Yahoo. Do you remember contextual advertising served to you on a platter with pride from these companies, Google being the big brother here? Though recently Google has recently claimed to stop this practice, though defending itself saying it enriches its user experience.

So the question is, are you really safe? Can you really enjoy privacy in this virtual world which boasts in making the world a smaller place? Well, the answer to your disappointment is NO, if you are bold and smart enough to look beyond these conventional email providers.

We list a few of the Best Secure Email Services from around the world. Keep Reading:

Proton Mail

Best Secure Email Services

Headquarters in Switzerland, founded at CERN in 2013. The services were initially an invite only service but became available to general public in 2013. This is one of Best Secure Email Services available to the public. The emails are encrypted the moment they leave your system and the recipient can only decrypt and read it using a key shared between you two. Another feature is the setting of the expiry date on the emails sent so that these emails can automatically be deleted from your server, leaving no so security gap thus. Also, the emails are encrypted and decrypted on your system and not online, thus ensuring no loopholes in the security.


Best Encrypted Email Services

It’s not just your regular email service with send and receives facility. You get calendars and cloud storage too with mailfence. It was started in Belgium and the best part is that Belgium government is stringent when it comes to user privacy hence there are strict laws governing the organizations that secure a user’s privacy interest first. It is again an end to end encrypted service, where you can create keys to decrypt an email shared between you and your recipient ensuring security. Since the feature is available as an option, you can choose for which mail to create a key and for which not.


Again, one of the best end to end encrypted email service providers, this email services takes an added step to ensure your security by providing a USB key option to keep your emails safe. You heard it right; you need to insert USB into your USB port to access your emails. This service is initially available free of cost for a week’s time after which you need to subscribe for a minimal cost. It is available for MICROSOFT, LINUX, and MAC OS.


Best Encrypted Email Services

The oldest of the block going strong for 17 years, the service is available since 1999 and is one of the best services providers given that it owns and operates all of its servers. It boasts about the features like temporary email address, two step verification and strict HTTPS and automatic encryption.


Available since 2001, cryptoheaven, it’s not a free to use email service and charges a nominal fee to make an account. In addition, it does not receive payments using bit coins but actual money. It’s an end to end encrypted service provider hence you can be relieved about security by paying just a nominal price.


Best Secure Email Services

This email provider provides services like other encrypted email but with a twist. They have an best Secure Email Services called ‘military encryption’. Here though you can send and receive emails using their services, you cannot reopen the sent emails, meaning once they are sent, they can’t be opened for re-reading, editing or forwarding. All you can do is delete them. The once with the recipient, you can get emails delivered to your regular inbox but you will have to set up a Sendinc account to open/read or reply to them.

Kolab Now

Another gem from Switzerland with self-owned and operated servers, so you know that your data will be secured. This service mainly targets small and medium level enterprises so they can send and receive confidential information. As for the users, they charge a minimum fee.


Best Secure Email Services

One of the Best Secure Email Services provider. It is based out of Berlin and charges a nominal fee to create and maintain an email account. They have a two step verification process that protects you even in case of password breach. The best part of the service is that it allows you to stay anonymous and does not ask you to share your personal details in disguise of better user experience. You can also pay them anonymously using PayPal or bank account, whatever your country supports so your identity remains undercover.


Best Secure Email Services

You know it’s the most secure encrypted email service provider when it has been earlier used by NSA and CIA and even by their whistleblower Edward Snowden. Need we say more? What makes it one of the most secured out of all is its operation in the Dark internet environment and end to end encryption. In simpler terms, at the wake of any security breach, the data will be automatically erased including the metadata and sender and receiver identities. It’s an open source and is available to all.

Rise Up

It’s a freeware and open source email service provider available to all users with no cost attached. It keeps users privacy as its utmost priority by ensuring zero censorship and zero tracking. So you can exchange any and all kind of confidential information with no worries of it getting read by any part including rising up itself. It’s been on the market since 1999 and encrypts all your mail on it platform ensuring the utmost privacy to you.

We hope, we have answered the question you were looking for. We listed the Best Secure Email Services provides both free and paid service in online. Once you sign up with them you need not worry about phishing attacks or hacks or unauthorized access in your mail box.

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