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Best Free Hacking Apps & Tools for Android

Hacking is a word with which we relate mostly to Internet, and things such as crime. But it’s not actually true most of the time. It is not necessary to have only bad uses of Hacking and some time it is not considered as a crime. We explore some best hacking apps and tools for Android that you can try for educational purpose.

Talking about hacking apps and different ways with which we can hack our Android phone, and do some fun out of it. For a simple user to use the Android phone, Google came up with a number of protocols and policy to make it easier for the people. Today we will discuss about these apps and will talk about how these works and if we should use these apps to make some changes or do some fun.

For most of the part it is not every time beneficial to install such apps, because if something is not available officially then it must be having something or the other wrong in it. Hence we must try to ignore and see if we can continue our work without the app. But sometimes due to some issues we have to make up with losses which we have to incur due to meeting the requirements of such apps and use the apps.

Basic Requirements: Best Hacking Apps and Tools for Android

If you know Android provides a platform for developers to tingle with the device and openly make some changes with the device. These were available with the Developer editions of the devices such as Nexus and even one with Motorola, but currently there are no such Developer editions of any device coming up. Hence we have to always give a risk to our warranty and unlock the boot loader of the device, which comes locked from the company to ensure the customer doesn’t do something wrong with the device.

After unlocking the boot loader you also have to keep in mind it’s not the end you also have to root the device. Hence now finally you can use all the best hacking apps and tools for Android, although earlier also with the stock appearance of the device you would have used some of the apps, but now you will be able to use all the apps available in regards of hacking.

List of Top Hacking Apps

  • Zanti
  • DroidSQLI
  • Dsploit
  • WPA WPS Tester
  • Nmap
  • Android Inspected

Talking about these apps in detail, let us have a detailed look at the apps on what does they do and how to use these apps either for some utilization or for some fun.


best hacking apps and tools for Android

This app is developed by one of the naughtiest developer available on the play store known as Zimperium. Zanti app by Zimperium have a high number of downloads and does a fairly well job. Now you might be wondering the use of the app, and where it excels in its job. So in short it actually hacks into any wi-fi network and in short penetrates the security of your Wi-Fi.

If your friend is using your Wi-Fi network at your home, then you can have some fun by actually redirecting the person to a particular URL or show some custom images at his screen, the newer variants of the app will be added with more utilities. Hence you must download the app and have a look on how does it works and can do work for you.


This is another best hacking apps and tools for Android to hack your Wi-Fi network. This app can analyze the number of services and different devices running on your network. With this app you can even look if your friend who is at your place is using some or the other app to hack your device. With this app you can also access features such as Login Cracker, Simple sniff, Kill connection and many other features which different hackers might want. This app does deserve to be in the list for the number of features and the main work which the app does.

WPA WPS Tester

best hacking apps and tools for Android

Most of the people who love to play with their devices must know about this app. This app is quite famous for checking the vulnerability of your Wi-Fi netowork. With this app you can even hack the Wi-Fi of your neighbor by using the WPA WPS Tester. The app checks a number of different WPS Pin and tries to access the network, and most of the time the password does gets leaked and we can access the internet.


best hacking apps and tools for Android

This app works for both Rooted and non-rooted handsets and is quite powerful for the cause. This app can map the network, with the number of devices connected. The app was made for the cause to get some information on vulnerability of the network, by network professionals.

APK Inspector

This app is the most used app by the hackers. With this app you can easily reverse engineer on the apps you have. If you need to access full premium features without paying the amount, and knows what he is doing then he can easily make out the way and access to most of the features without fail.

These are some of best hacking apps and tools for Android which can help you to step in the field of hacking in Android phones, hope these apps does help you, and can make you entertain with their usage.


The name is based on Android & Remote Administrative Tools. This app is used by hackers to access devices on the network and to make it quite easy to change the settings and other things on the other computer. The app starts up as soon as your device boots up, and you can even setup to trigger some or the other settings on call via some specific number or even SMS. This can be used as a nice application to make some work automatic in the home.

These are some of the apps which can help you to step in the field of hacking into Android phones, hope these apps does help you and can make you entertain with their usage. We do recommend you not to use these apps for illegal purposes, because nor the developer neither we take any responsibility for how you use these apps. You can fall in issues due to the usage of these apps if someone does a complaint to the authorities. Do keep this in mind, and let us know if you have any other apps which can be added to the list in the comment section below.

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