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Best Gardening Apps Both for Amateur and Professional Gardener

Growing plants allows you to remain healthy. With a garden, you will easily get fresh veggies and fruits on daily basis. Furthermore, there is a sense of accomplishment and appreciation associated with growing and harvesting food. You will also save more money on grocery. However, mostly, gardening requires lots of experimentation to find out what can work well in your climate and space. It might also involve more work and effort. That should not be happening with the Best Gardening Apps. These are a few of the applications to try today.

Garden Designer

Best Gardening Apps

The producer based this best gardening apps on their desktop version. The Garden Designer allows users to put images of their plans directly on photos of gardening spaces. First, this app features over 600 objects in one library and allows the user to take and save many pictures of a single image. You can add and resize paving and fencing and enjoy the benefits associated with drag-and-drop and depth sorting capabilities. The app is suitable for smaller designs. If you are looking for professional-looking layouts, you might need another app. The app works with iPad 2 or the newer versions. You need $9.99 to buy it.

LikeThat Garden

LikeThat Garden is an effective flower identification app to try today. It is a free visual search tool that helps people to identify garden flowers. To start using it, you just need to install it to your phone, take pictures of different plants and finally, upload them for the app to do the identification work. It is a valuable app for both experienced and newbie gardeners, botany students, landscape professionals and any flower enthusiast. The app, from Superfish, is compatible with iPod, iPad, and iPhone touch. Install the app today to start identifying more plants and creating better landscape designs.

PRO Landscape Companion

Best Gardening Apps

The PRO Landscape Companion has the highest rating on the Apple App Store. It provides homeowners with tools they require to redesign a home landscape. To use the app, you will require a photo of your garden or home. You can add water features, materials and plants to the garden or home picture. With the app, you will be able to search for plants depending on your focal points such as furniture and water features, draw in mulch or grass, climate zones  and insert your original photo for a before or after view of your project. If the design is good; save the photo on your mobile device and share it on social media.  It is a suitable tool for do-it-yourself projects.


Best Gardening Apps

Plantss is a best gardening apps that provides information based on your geo-location. It also generates market places between enterprises and consumers besides creating a social network that specialises in cultivation of plants that grow increasingly. The main goal of the designer is to help people build greener cities. With Plantsss, you will not grow any plant. You will only grow plants that flourish in your area. It is available for Android and Ios devices.

Plant Diary

Plant Diary should help you manage your plants in a better way. It is a best gardening apps that allows setting of alarms to remind gardeners the right time to water their plants. You can set alarms for several plants in your garden. What’s more, the app helps gardeners track the health and growth of their plants in addition to the associated costs of growing plants. With the app, garden management will be easier than before.


My Potager provides a faster and easier reference guide for making a personalized vegetable garden. The app offers all information gardeners need to grow over 70 different vegetables, herbs and flowers. It also features a calendar tool to assist them plan a complete garden. What’s more, you should not expect any complicated details. The design has only offered great information for novice gardeners that you will easily understand. What most people like about the app is that it has a lot of information about every plant including detailed descriptions, calendar view indicating the seeding and planting dates and a calendar for harvesting dates. You can plan your garden ahead.


Best Gardening Apps

Iscape offers three versions: the iScape Free, iScape Elite and iScape. The free version allows gardeners to test all the features of the full version – use it for trial purposes and not as an actual design tool. The producer offers the iScape version for only $5.99. They target the iScape Elite to the professional landscapers. To download it, you will not pay any amount. However, you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee to continue using it. Some of the popular features on this app include a texture tool which allows users to replace or add ground covers such as mulch, grass, stones or pavers. With the app, you will also save and share images. The database includes grass/groundcover, shrubs, trees, tropical plants, hardscapes, planters and water features.

Garden Squared

The Garden Squared is a quality app that will help you plan your garden dimensions. With the best gardening apps, you can also track your planting schedule and your previous plots. The app is available for Android 1.5 and up. Download it today and start the process of building a better garden.



The PlantNet application is suitable for gardeners, foragers and any individual who wants to learn more about the plants surrounding them. PlantNet is essentially an image search engine which will help you identify plants and flowers with a few clicks of your smartphone. The app uses images from a large data base of images collected through PlantNet users. You will also have an opportunity to add more images to the database. Their newest project will help individuals use the image database to receive data about plants faster, after taking a picture. Currently, they do not focus on the edible flowers.

GKH Gardening Companion

Whether you are one of the experient gardening enthusiasts or you are a newbie in the habit-forming hobby, you might need something to help you remain on top of things throughout the year. The GKH Gardening Companion is here to help you achieve that. With the GKH Gardening Companion for your iPhone, you will have every tool you require whenever you need it. It provides easier access to a variety of gardening information ranging from troubleshooting to planting such photos, texts, YouTube videos and article content. With the app, you will also create a quality personalised garden magazine depending on your individual tastes and preferences.

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