Android 8.0 with cookie name: Oreo

The market is full of smartphones and most of them are using Android phones. There is good news for all the Android users; soon they will be using the latest version of Android. Android 8.0 full version will be soon launched.

Android Oreo is the latest OS is recently launched by Google with upgraded features and many surprises. It is officially known as Android 8.0 Oreo. The android version used is Android 7.0 Nougat which was released last summer. Oreo is a significant upgraded version of the same. Before, Google has partnered with well-known brands for its Android software and this time they have partnered with Mondelez for its name Android Oreo.

Android 8.0 Features

  • Picture-in-picture: The most significant development in Android Oreo is this feature. It is a convenient feature for its user that is focused on multitasking. It allows the user to keep one app on a small floating window, while the user can check other app such as mails or anything else on a full screen.
  • Autofill: This a very user friendly feature, which makes the user available of the autofill feature that is available on Chrome. The Autofill remembers the logins for various websites that a user frequently visits such as Facebook, Twitter and emails etc. In this way, the user does not have to remember all the usernames and passwords.
  • Smart Text Select: The features helps in recognizing items like place names, phone numbers and addresses making it easier and convenient for the user to select what is required quickly just with a single tap. This is a vital feature in Android Oreo.
  • Notification Dots: This is a new feature in this version, which lets the user quickly see the notifications and helps to clear them by just swiping away.
  • Instant Apps: Android Oreo lets its user to jump straight in to the new app from the browser. There is no requirement to install them first and then using the same.

What Oreo brings to you?


Android Oreo has got many enhancements that might seem relatively minor, but on a long run they are helping your phone to be smarter and last longer.

  1. Enhanced Battery Life: Android Oreo helps to preserve your phone battery by preventing apps from wasting the charge. It keeps the phone in a lowered power state also for preserving the charge in battery. What the Android Oreo does is, make the background of phone idle, thereby cutting off the background services and broadcasts and the location updates. The set time in Android Oreo is twice as compared to the previous versions which help the phone to work faster.
  1. Better Notification Control: The new feature offered by Android Oreo is notification channels. With this feature, the user can customize few categories of notifications from apps. In this way the user can block some less frequently used notification and ensures to use only the essential ones that are used daily. In this way the notifications can be filtered. Android Oreo lets its developers to change the background colour of the notification for a critical alert and displays the content in a collapsed form. Few notifications can be in muted and have it return later.
  1. Adaptive Icons: Android Oreo has come up with a new feature called “Adaptive Icons” which has multiple shape options in it. They can be automatically shifted based on the home screen theme. Various options are offered such as rounded square, circle or other shape.
  1. Better Sound Quality: Google has offered a better sound quality with Android Oreo for its users. Sony has been the major partner with Android Oreo contributing 30+ features and more than 250 bug fixes. LDAC technology of Sony is implemented for Hi-Res audio playback over the Bluetooth and high quality Bluetooth audio codes for improving wireless cans quality.
  1. Improved Keyboard Inputs: Android Oreo allows the app developers to improve the keyboard navigation thereby making it perfect for moving through games and apps while using a chrome OS based computer. The developers have created a harmonious pairing of operating system of google. 

What about it’s Display Environment?

For the display environment, Android 8.0 Oreo has improved many features such as fonts. Fonts are now fully supported by a resource type. Users can now opt for a default app for autofill. The apps runs faster than before in real-time, which is required by certain apps. The new upgrade has come up with many new features and capabilities that make it more easy to use and secure. It is also easier to manage the corporate environments. Android Oreo allows its developers to change the background colour of the notification for a critical alert and displays the content in a collapsed form.

What about Security and Battery Management?

Android Oreo offers the user to scan the recently downloaded apps on the phone for any security threats in association with Google Play Protect. It offers a lot of feature which helps its developers to have a wide choice to produce apps that are efficient. Makes use of the resources such as memory, CPU and data which may help to increase the battery life.

Android Oreo improves the battery management by imposing few automatic limits for the apps which should be running while in the background. It can preserve your phone battery by preventing apps from wasting the battery charge. The phone will be kept in a lowered power state for preserving the charge usage in battery.

Next for your device

Android Oreo, the newest version released by Android not only brings many new features in it, but also gets an attractive feature called emoji. Emoji are widely used and Google has done with the regular styled emoji. Therefore, came up with a new kind of emoji that in general look are more recognizable. Android 8.0 Oreo code is going to be uploaded by its engineers to the Android open source project and the software updates for Pixel and Nexus will coming soon. Final software will be provided to the devices that are enrolled with Android Beta Program.

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