Age Verification Protecting Minors from Improper Internet Access

The Internet is open and easy access but it should not be for everyone. When it comes to children especially. Setting strict rules and teaching children to not reveal real identity over the internet is a solid start. Today, rising crimes include cyberbullying, identity theft, child predators, etc. are facilitated more if on the other side user is under-age.

Cybercriminals are always in search of real identities and their login credentials. They sue this information over legitimate sites and conduct malicious activities. Criminals are well aware of the interest of children and sites they visit the most. In most cases, these are either gaming sites, age-restricted online stores or inappropriate content sites.

Therefore, their target sites are inline already. Minors do not bother these attacks and became prey to cybercriminals. Well, these two emerging problems can be catered simultaneously. But how?

It is crucially important to protect children from accessing inappropriate stuff online as it could be harmful with respect to behavioral exploitation and aftereffects of identity thefts. Improper internet access by children include age-restricted products, for example, alcohol, vapes, e-cigarettes, knives, cannabis, DVDs and games. Several states are taking steps to restrict the time of online gaming for underage children. Also, to protect the online identity of children is the responsibility of online retailers and service providers.

How to Prevent Inappropriate Access?

Online age verification is the solution to this. Verifying the age of each onboarding customer before providing services can restrict minors from accessing improper stuff online. Age verification is the need for every industry that is specified or its products are specified to adults only. Using innovative technology to conduct age verification is necessary to avoid minors to fool the system using their smart tricks. Also, the gaming industry should verify age at the time of user account registration.

Goals of the Online Age Verification

Online age verification serves the purpose of protecting a child’s safety and privacy. Also, it ensures that any under-age user should not get access to some inappropriate online content.


Keeping an eye on a child’s privacy is to make sure that no online website or platform is collecting personal data from children or processing it for its own benefit without the consent of their parents. Parents have a choice to remove that data or ask the website to delete it.


The behavioral potential risks generated from accessing inappropriate stuff are harmful to children. Online dating sites should also take into account age verification to protect children from engaging with the traffic of strangers.


The content child access online should be restricted on the internet if it is for adults. Websites selling age-restricted products or providing adult services should be careful about the norms and standards their company follows. This is important to avoid regulatory fines.

Age Verification Methods

Self Verification: Some websites use conventional methods in which through age affirmation page, age is verified. The user just needs to fill in the date of birth or age or just mark the checkbox to verify age. But, this method is not logically correct. This could be dodged by under-age users who want to access improper stuff online.

Credit Card Verification

It is noticed that a large number of transactions performed by under-age users are through the credit card of their parents, without informing them. For this, there is a need to verify the credit card owners to make sure that the user is above the legal age.

Document Verification 

Document verification is an advanced method to conduct age verification online. Through official document verification, the age of the user can be verified. Any online user asking for access to an adult website could first upload the id document declaring age or date of birth. Document verification service can use this document to run authentication checks as well as age verification checks to verify that document os not spoofed and the use is above the legal age. If both get verified, the user can access the website and vice versa.

To conclude, age verification is an essential part of online platforms that provide services to adults. Under-age communities trying to access inappropriate content online should be first verified through the aforementioned verification methods.

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